HiMO was born out of passion for dance and fitness! We had a dream of creating a top class dance and fitness studio for women in Helsinki, geared for unique and individual feeling. From spring 2011 HiMO has been offering classes combining joy of dance, keeping fit and feeling great! We want to offer our customers wonderful experiences and we believe you can find a class just fit for you from our wide selection. Our instructors are among the best in their respective fields – dance and fitness are the way of living and a calling for our team!

What our lovely clients say of us:

”HIMO is the most friendliest, nicest, girliest dancing club/school that I´ve been to!”

”Every customer is unique and remembered by the club… Being in the studio makes you feel like you are in a special place with many special nice people.”

”I felt even relieved that there is a place where one can learn something different!”

”HIMO is perfect place to have a good time, learn some new things and to excercise as well 🙂 ”


HiMO is located in the centre of Helsinki, just a few minutes’ walk from Kamppi. You can reach us by metro (Kamppi), by tram (6 along Bulevardi and 3B to the corner of Albertinkatu and Fredrikinkatu) or by bus (14 runs on Albertinkatu and 20 on Bulevardi). Our address is Lönnrotinkatu 28 A.

See the map here: About HiMO (in Finnish).

Lönnrotinkatu 28 A
00180 Helsinki
tel. 050 5702195

Class schedule

You can find our up to date class schedule on our Finnish site: Schedules (in Finnish). If you have questions, get in touch: info@myhimo.fi or phone 050 5702195.


One diamond classes are perfect for beginners in dance or in exercise in general. You don’t need any previous experience in dance to come along!

Two diamond classes are for those who have some experience in dance, fitness or exercise and want to enjoy a bit longer choreos. In these lessons you’ll learn a lot new and discover even more!

Three diamond classes are a dream come true for all who enjoy a bit of a challenge and like to improve themselves in dance and fitness.

Remember, if you end up in a class that doesn’t seem right for you, we can always move you to another class that you prefer! The main thing is to enjoy the classes and have fun!

How to enrol to classes

Check out the class schedule at our Finnish site  Schedules (in Finnish) and class descriptions below in English. If you have questions, get in touch with us!

Once you have chosen your class, you enrol by emailing us at info@myhimo.fi, or if you can read a bit of Finnish go to Enroll (in Finnish)  where you can fill out the enrolment form. You will see the classes, times and prizes by clicking the drop down menu under ”1. Valitse haluamasi tuntipaketti”. We will get back to you in a few days time with payment details and other information to get the most out of your classes!

Our classes – dance and fitness to its finest!

We offer a wide variety of different dance, fitness and fusion classes. Here is a short description of types of classes we have.  More information on classes in Finnish can be found here: http://myhimo.fi/lajit. You can also get in touch with us to ask more (info@myhimo.fi or phone 050 5702195).

All classes are held in Finnish, but our instructors are very clear in showing the movements, so our international students have managed more than well! Instructors will also help you out if you have questions.

Burleskitanssi (Burlesque Dance) –  had made a long journey from vaudeville theatres of 19th century to glamour times of 40’s and 50’s and to neo burlesque of the 21st century. Today a burlesque performer can be any age, size, shape, gender – it’s the attitude, skill and humour that make all the difference! The Burlesque Dance at HiMO is all about shimmy, shake, bump and grind, and we learn basic technique and small choreographies, all while still keeping our clothes on at the classes.

Charleston – swing it! Charleston is the mother of all swing dances, with its origins in the 1920’s. Charleston is full of good mood, fun and laughter! It has a bit of cabaret and glamour in it, and definitely a lot of jazz and rhythm!

Dancehall Fever – is one of the hottest and trendiest dances out there right now! Origins are in Jamaica and in reggae, and in Dancehall Fever classes we throw in a bit of hip hop, afro and Latin dances. Dancehall is hot, sexy, steamy and pure fun!

PILOXING® –  is a super combination of pilates, boxing and dance! Popularity of Piloxing is growing fast and no wonder, it’s fun but also a great work out!

JAMMinng in da club –  is rhythm, sweat and smiles! We shake our way through Jamaican dancehall, Cuban reggaetón, salsa and hip hop.

SKiNNY jeans workoutefficient and fun way to build your fitness, this tones your body and improves your posture.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance – is a whole new dance born out of bellydance influence by gypsy dances, flamenco and street styles. It’s excotic, challenging and fun to learn!

And we have also Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Asahi, Groove-a-go-go, Urban Tribe and other classes!