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Helsinki Dance Studio HIMO

Welcome to Helsinki Dance StudioHiMO

Discover the heart of dance and fitness at HiMO, the leading Helsinki Dance Studio. Since spring 2011, our studio has been a sanctuary for women in Helsinki, offering a harmonious blend of dance and fitness. Every class at our Helsinki Dance Studio is designed to infuse joy into your workout routine, ensuring you leave feeling energized and fulfilled.

Experience Diversity at Helsinki Dance Studio

At HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio, diversity in dance and fitness is our strength. We cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring that there's a perfect fit for everyone at our Helsinki Dance Studio. Our instructors are the finest in their fields, bringing passion and expertise to every class at the Helsinki Dance Studio.

International Flair at Helsinki Dance Studio

Language is no barrier at HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio. While classes are held in Finnish, our instructors' proficiency in English and their exceptional demonstration skills make every session at our Helsinki Dance Studio inclusive for our international clientele.

Your Helsinki Dance Studio Location

Lönnrotinkatu 28 A
00180 Helsinki
tel. 050 5702195

Convenience meets style at our centrally located Helsinki Dance Studio. Situated just a short walk from Kamppi, HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio is easily accessible, making your journey to us as smooth as your dance moves.

Helsinki Dance Studio Class Schedules & Levels

Check out the class schedules at HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio

You can find our up to date class schedule on our Finnish site: (in Finnish). If you have questions, get in touch: We will get back to you usually within 1 working day. Our phone line 050 5702195 is available on weekdays 11am to 15pm.

Stay up-to-date with the latest class schedules at HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio. We offer a range of classes that cater to different skill levels—each designed to challenge and inspire you at our Helsinki Dance Studio. Communication is key, and we ensure prompt responses to all inquiries at our Helsinki Dance Studio.

One diamond classes are perfect for beginners in dance or exercise in general. You don’t need any previous experience in dance to come along!

Two diamond classes are for those who have some experience in dance, fitness or exercise and want to enjoy longer choreography. In these lessons you will learn a lot and discover even more!

Three diamond classes are a dream come true for all who enjoy a bit of a challenge and like to improve themselves in dance and fitness.

Remember, if you end up in a class that doesn’t seem right for you, we can always move you to another class that you prefer! The main thing is to enjoy the classes and have fun!

How to Enroll at Helsinki Dance Studio

Joining our Helsinki Dance Studio community is simple. Whether you prefer to enroll online, via email, or over the phone, we make the process seamless at HiMO Helsinki Dance Studio. Experience the friendliest, most welcoming dance environment in Helsinki

You can enroll in web at Lajit Page or from Aikataulut page by clicking the class you want to join or you can e-mail or call us ( /phone 050 5702195).

"HiMO is the most friendliest, nicest, girliest dancing club/school that I´ve been to!"